Branford, K.; Naikar, N.; Hopkins, A. (2011). “Guidelines for AcciMap analysis”. In A. Hopkins (Ed.) Learning from High Reliability Organisations: 193–212


This chapter focuses on a systems-based technique for accident analysis, referred to as the AcciMap approach.” The technique involves the construction ofa multilayered diagram in which the various causes of an accident are arranged according to their causal remoteness from the outcome. It is particularly useful for establishing how factors in all parts of a sociotechnical system contributed to an organisational accident,” and for arranging the causes into a coherent diagram that reveals how they interacted to produce that outcome.,+K.%3B+Naikar,+N.%3B+Hopkins,+A.+(2011).+%E2%80%9CGuidelines+for+AcciMap+analysis%E2%80%9D&hl=fr&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart