Safety Reporting at Renfe

What are the key HOF issues?

The Strategic Plan of Renfe contains an ambitious transformation programme based on digitalisation and safety culture. A key aspect of the programme is the development of a confidential reporting system of near misses that could be used by any member of the staff of Renfe. Human Factors were considered during its development to avoid the unwillingness to report and to facilitate the management of the reports received.

What did you do?

In order to encourage employees to report the following aspects were analysed:

  • How to guarantee the confidentiality of the user.
  • The taxonomies that allow to describe a near-miss were defined for non-technical users.
  • How users interact with the reporting system.
  • How to facilitate the integration of near-misses reports into an effective safety management.

What were the results?

At this stage we don´t have “feedback” results because the reporting system is being deployed.

Author: Miguel Figueres-Esteban (RENFE)